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Re: TOS Botany Lab = "Outdoor" Recreation Area?

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^^ OTHER sketches / floor plans (than the one in my previous post) with annotations?!?!
I'd have to see these before I believe it.
They can all be found at trekcore, the one I'm thinking of is the perspective or elevation view of the round rec room with the caption "recreation room".

TMoST doesn't mention the Herbarium; it just refers to a "large recreation area" with outdoor characteristics which "will be seen in the third season". And the Season Three "recreation room" apparently has these characteristics, doesn't it?
Yes, that was my point. Although I should have been more specific, in addition to the "large recreation area" which undoubtedly referred to the set under discussion, TMoST also mentions an "exotic entertainment center" and other things besides, which I take to be interconnected facilities, or at least side by side?

The Herbarium could certainly be among them since it seems to fall under the same general category.

Unlike the new "recreation area" seen in CL and (deleted) ET, the TB Herbarium lacks the fountain-look-alike structure in the middle of the room.
Yes, but the "Herbarium" in "TB" is just a redress of the round recreation room under discussion, and is not the set MJ originally intended as seen in the sketch above, albeit with the "planters" that were originally designed for the herbarium.

And yes, this "Herbarium" apparently had the round fountain/planter thingy removed, although it's hard to tell since the camera angles are so tight?

I suppose since the deleted scene in EoT includes a suggestion that there are two identical round rooms side by side, we could fudge and say one is the rec room and one is the herbarium, thereby salvaging at least the spirit of MJ's intent if not the literal execution?
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