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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

FOOL ME ONCE... continues

We get to see snippets of ancillary characters this "week".

One of my fav's has become Sister Ingalls. Our political prisoner is caught trying to smuggle a muffin out of breakfast. Lucky for her, the guard that caught her was Fischer (the girl who used to bag Piper's groceries) and Fischer let her off with a wink.

Unlucky for Fischer, she was observed by Caputo who would call her on it the next day. Unlucky for the kid because Caputo offers to become her "mentor", to teach her to be tougher with the "inmates", but its obvious he has other ideas in mind for this guard. "You're a woman... I'm a man." DO guys think this is appropriate language for a work environment?

We'll see Sister Ingalls again later, as she tries to teach Piper how to knit a blanket and eventually critiques Piper's attempt at public prayer.

Trust me, it was sweet.

Watson comes to the fore again this week. For some reason, she went to the common room for the yoga class... but it was canceled for the day and probably the week. It was weird later when she ran into Yoga Jones decorating the TV room for the holidays and she brought up the canceled class. Weird because when I first saw this ep, I had forgotten these two women have a history.

Remember when Watson got out of the SHU and went crazy one night, exercising in the dorm and keeping all the other ladies in the ghetto awake?

For reasons we don't understand, Yoga Jones appears and tries to calm Watson down. Watson refuses to calm, and tries to goad the older white woman by guessing what crime landed her in jail. She first accuses her of possible pedophilia, but gets no response. Then she correctly guesses that Yoga Jones killed a kid.


That got a definite response, as the older woman dropped Namaste and instead went Rocky Balboa on Watson's chin, knocking her back.

That was weeks ago and Watson looks uneasy when she comes into the TV room to reconnect a VCR.

Uneasy because the young woman is on a mission... to get Yoga Jones to talk.

Watson started with the canceled yoga classes and laughed when Jones said she was taking a break, "I thought yoga WAS a break."

When Yoga Jones admitted she couldn't concentrate on yoga since she punched Watson, the young woman convinced her to tell the tale of her crime.

Yoga spun it out initially, with plenty of self deprecating comments along the way. Bottom line, she was raising marijuana to pay her rent and her bar bill. Deer kept grazing on her cash crop and she bought a hunting rifle to deal with the problem. One night, while drunk, she shot at a rustling in her premium weed patch.

But it wasn't a deer.

It was an 8 year old boy from a neighboring farm who had just run away because his dad took away his Nintendo. As Yoga tells Watson, "They buried him in a box on their farm." Officer Fischer arrives to put an end to unauthorized socializing during work hours between the "inmates". (Damn that Caputo and his "mentoring") Lucky for Fischer, Yoga Jones wasn't in a punching mood, she was in a cathartic crying mood, "It was a MISTAKE!" and Watson just growled, "We're having a MOMENT here..." which caused our tenderhearted guard to apologize, back down and leave the room as quick as she came.

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