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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alexander. Platonian midget.
B is for the Beltane star system, a major shipping and transport region.
C is for Canada, where Riker wasn't from.
D is for Dimoran rodent things.
E is for Erectile dysfunction, which Riker never suffered from.
F is for Federation Diplomats. The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank.
G is for Glommer. Tribble predator.
H is for Hirogen hunting trophies.
I is for Iconians. Demons of air and darkness.
J is for Jupiter Station.
K is for Kelvans. Immensely powerful aliens from another galaxy. That apparently can be overcome by whiskey and some pep pills.
L is for Lurians. Some of them could be very, very quiet.
M is for Morn, who didn't have any lines.
N is for Natira's exotic Fabrini eyeshadow.
O is for Organian Peace Treaty.
P is for Pyrithean bats.
Q is for Quark, the guy with the ears.
R is for the Romulan Right of Statement.
S is for Spock. The first guy with the ears.
T is for Troi's Tits.
U is for United Earth Space Probe Agency unmanned missions like Friendship One.
V is for virtual hookers. The secret real reason behind the perfection of the holodeck. Just ask Quark.
W is for the War between the Federation and the Cardassians.
X is for Xindi Spelunkers.
Y is for Yridian cargo freighters traversing neutral space.
Z in for Zin-dee. Phonetical spelling of Xindi.
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