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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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I get the feeling the Cubs are going to regret not giving Sandberg the job.
Not at all. If you look at Sandberg's track record as a minor-league manager, he loves bunts. Not just bunts to move runners over, bunts in general. In essence, he loves giving up outs, which is the antithesis of the philosophy espoused by Epstein and Hoyer, who remember that you only get 27 of them, and each one is precious. Sandberg simply didn't fit with the organizational philosophy.

In any event, Sandberg has been up for a bunch of big-league jobs and whiffed hard in his interviews; he isn't all that hot of a managerial prospect at this point. I'll never understand the continued hand-wringing by Cubs fans about him being passed over for Sveum (who is clearly a stopgap manager).
You're right about Sveum being a stopgap manager. I never was that impressed with him, but I guess at least he's treading water however barely. You've valid points about Sandberg not being what Epstein wants, though my main source of hand wringing is hey... if we're going to have a guy in there losing, it may as well be somebody the fans like. If nothing else, the guy deserves a chance, and it's not a big gamble since the club isn't competing anyways.

What's done is done though, and I hope Ryno does well for the Phillies.
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