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Re: The "Odo's eyes" appreciation thread!

I like Odo a lot, he's one of my favorite characters in DS9, but I have to say... Quark had something of a point when he called him a fascist. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's evil or ill hearted, but let's look at his playbook. He routinely spies on people, monitors their subspace communications, wants to enforce security curfews and crackdowns, complains about having his hand tied when he's told he can't violate people's civil rights and he doesn't care a smidgeon about due process. If he thinks you're guilty, he'll toss you in a holding cell, proof or not, and I've never seen him offer Quark or anyone a lawyer when they've been arrested. It's a small wonder Gul Dukat liked Odo during the occupation. He's got a bit of gestapo agent in him.
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