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Re: The "Odo's eyes" appreciation thread!

^I fully admit that I do, but it's more of a fondness for him than an all out crush. I'd much rather give him a hug and be all maternal towards him rather than screw his brains out. That's Kira's job!

I like Odo for more than his looks. He's been through some tough shit in his life, and so have I. I know what it's like to be considered a freak and hated for being different. I actually overcame a lot of the garbage I dealt with in high school because I saw Odo overcoming parts of his past on DS9.

So yeah, you can say I have a 'thing' for Odo.


Also, Odo doesn't eat, so nothing going in means nothing coming out. As for, erm, male parts, he can probably shape shift some if he wants to. >>;
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