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Re: Who's made their own tech manual?

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I'll be going to a week-long conference soon but after that, I'd really like to attempt this. I've got all those old fonts, so it'd be fun. I think it'd really be fun going from Enterprise to the new films. One question: Obviously Menagerie didn't happen in this universe, but did The Cage?
I like to think not, because although I like there to be similarities and AU versions of prime-verse events (like we saw in Into Darkness), I don't want everything to be the same.

I'd be really interested in those fonts if you've got links to them, or even what they're called!

Oh, and add to the list of ships the one from the "Mudd incident" in ID. There are plans and set blueprints out there already (albeit unfortuately in low resolution, and I can't even find the link right now), but coolest of all, it could well be the same ship Harry Mudd was flying in "Mudd's Woman"!
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