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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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They are building rockets. Arsenal method uses contractors, they just kept them on the short leash--and its not going to be every seven years. The space libertarians suffer from the "we too did build that fallacy" in that you have to add the cost of building the Internet that Musk got rich off of and add that to the cost of the rocket.
This being the only part worth responding to, how in the world do you try to lump in the creation of the internet as part of the sunk cost of SpaceX's rockets? If Musk had made his billions through oil would you be trying to add in the costs of developing the oil industry? What about farming? WTF are you on???? And wtf do you mean by "we too did build that fallacy"?? I'm not sure what that even means given the grammar of the quote. And until SLS has a second launch proving otherwise, you're right. It won't be seven years. It'll probably be longer. Ooohh, or maybe they'll get that launch rate up to a staggeringly breakneck speed of once every 3 years. Certainly not high enough to hang a robust space program on.
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