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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #4 The Purser

Captain Rimko waited a safe distance from the Commodore's Office down the corridor when he had seen the Counselor come out. He looked at Kek whom was listening to a portable device and was conveying the conversation that was going on in the room that the Klingon Captain had planted a bug in. Kek guffawed, announcing what the Commodore had said after the Counselor had left the room. "Hmph," Rimko grunted, "if I had known a little sugar and spice would have worked on the Commodore, I would have sent my Purser in to speed our request along," Kek and Jo-Jo were chuckling, looking in the direction at Ivana, whom was sitting nearby in a diner, sipping a drink, and then Rimko continued,"all right, Jo-Jo. It's time to retrieve our ears."

Earlier, it was a simple matter to plant the bug since Rimko was standing in front of the Commodore's desk when he was arguing with him with Starfleet personnel flanked on either side of him. It was a small clear oval devise that could fit into the palm of his hand as it could mirror the surface of whatever it was attached to, and so upon the Counselor's offer, he had slipped the devise unto the front of the desk before leaving.

Jo-Jo went into the Commodore's Office to falsely claim that their Klingon Captain was missing a small keepsake and may have dropped it in his office. After looking around a bit, and seemingly bumping into the front of the Commodore's desk accidentally, Jo-Jo removed the bug that was planted there, and he concluded his deception to the Commodore that it was not there and left, signalling the all clear when he had come out.

It was a gamble on the Klingon Captain's part since he could have been charged with espionage as well as lose any chance of being compensated with a ship, but he had wanted to know for sure that the Counselor was really going to honour his specific demand or not. He was glad to be informed that she was. Seeing that Jo-Jo was successful in removing the devise without getting caught, Rimko announced, "Now, I can breathe easier."

Shanara Ivana Camelot had seen the Klingon Captain and the two Ferengiis being up to something in the corridor, but when the two Ferengiis were looking at her when they were chuckling, she deemed that they were up to no good involving her. She ignored the possibility as she was use to the crewmates' practical jokes on her, but when Jo-Jo scampered off down the corrider, she wondered what pranks they were going to pull on her while on the station. She left her drink unfinished as she moseyed her way over behind Rimko and Kek to espy Jo-Jo coming out of the Commodore's Office, signalling the all clear to which she heard the Klingon's comment of relief. "Are you..." she began, jolting Rimko and Kek to turn around to face her,"...using the Commodore for your next prank on me?"

Rimko bellowed, "Bwahaha!!" he bent over and slapped his right thigh, laughing, "," he assured her,"nothing like that, " he stood straight up, smiling at his purser and said,"just making sure that we were not being warped over."

Ivana raised both of her eyebrows and said,"I could have used my empathic ability to sense if he was being dishonest in your negotiations."

Rimko placed a hand on her and said, "No, Darling," he chuckled before continuing, "Starfleet knows about you being an empath. Word has it that they have training now for executive officers in Starfleet that can fool a reading from any empath."

Kek saw the look of disbelief on Ivana's face,"It's true!" he assured her. Then he looked at Rimko and said, "course, we do not know if the Commodore has undergone that training or not, but it is an optional elective for Starfleet officers."

Ivana gave a look of concern as if her value on the crew as an empath was now lessened, but Rimko saw that, "Don't worry, Ivana. You are still valuable to me in negotiations."

"Only with the ones that do not know you are an empath," Kek assured her, "only Starfleet has records of you being an empath."

"I find it hard to believe that it would be public records. How is that that they would know?" Ivana asked incredulously.

"When you were treated the first time at Deep Space Nine in the Infirmary," Kek informed, "by that very first medical scan, that would be how Starfleet would know.

"Oh," she replied, but she believed they were making an assumption and not something based on fact. She understood that caution was the prudent part to apply in any negotiations, and so she did not feel led to challenge that assumption at this time.

Rimko and Kek turned to see Jo-Jo striding up to them to hand over the listening devise to Rimko as Rimko replied, "Nothing to worry about, Darling," he added, "we have other ways of getting to the truth of the matter."

"What was Kek and Jo-Jo laughing about when they were looking in my direction a mere moment ago?" Ivana asked.

Rimko and the two Ferengiis were taken aback by this for a moment and then they remembered, and Kek replied, "OH! We just found out that the Commodore is sweet on the station's Counselor."

"Yeah," Rimko continued,"if I had known that a little sugar and spice can go a long way in getting our ship faster, I would have just sent you in there with our request."

Ivana smiled at that, and said "I see.." she asked, "where is the Counselor?"

"You can't miss her. She's the only blonde Vulcan on this station," Kek informed.

"And she's a real head turner like you, too!" Jo-Jo announced, which was more information than he was supposed to share. Rimko and Kek looked sourly at Jo-Jo for saying that outloud.

"Relax, boys," Ivana stated graciously, "I know I am the talk of the ship's crew as your favourite eye candy," and then she said,"... and no, you will not lose me to Risa. I know that three quarters of our original crew has left already, but I am still sticking around," she looked down the corridor and then back at the three befuddled men and stated in a light hearted manner, "yes, I was in the bar last night when you all were going on about me in your drunken stupor. Honestly, you guys could give a girl a swell head," Then Ivana looked squarely at the Captain and inquired, "Captain, do you wish for me to tag along with her to see how things are progressing for us?"

Rimko looked down the corridor in the direction that the Counselor had gone, and said,"I don't see her now, and I don't know if you will be able to catch up with her."

"Where is she going?" Ivana asked.

"To our ship..." Jo-Jo blurted, but then clarified, "well.. hopefully soon to be..."

"Which is..?" Ivana inquired further.

"That memorial ship, the Promotheus," Kek interjected.

"I know where that is!" Ivana declared with excitement, "I've seen it!" and then she made a face of uncertainty and asked,"Starfleet is going to give us that ship? It don't seem right. How will people see us taking a memorial ship?"

"Apparently, the Promotheus is made up of three ships. WE are getting one of the three," Rimko informed, "so it will not be obviously known as being part of the memorial ship."

"Would you like me to make sure we are getting the better one of the three, Captain?" Ivana asked with renewed anticipation, hoping to get better quarters than she had before.

"Have a go at it, Ivana," Rimko stated his permission. They saw her walked twenty feet to a turbo lift and entered it for the purpose of going down to the level where the memorial ship was docked at, and as the turbo lift doors slid shut behind her, it was then that Rimko had yelled at the Ferengiis, "I knew I should not have joined you guys drinking last night!!!" He began walking away from them, throwing up his hands in the air, "I can't believe I let you guys talk me into it!!"

"Honest, Captain!!" Jo-Jo protested. "We didn't know she was there!!!"

"Apparently NOT!!!" Rimko bellowed in embarrassment.

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