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Re: Galactica VS Pegasus which would win

Nice touch Rowan - YYEEEAAaaaaahhhh *puts on sunglasses*

From what I remember at the end of "Pegasus," Galactica was, at least visually, grouped with the civvie ships quite a distance from Pegasus as Pegasus began to train its lateral guns on Galactica and their respective fighters between them closed to merge. The tricky part would be to sufficiently disable Pegasus but not destroy it along with Helo and Chief aboard. It's obvious the Galactica can't outgun Pegasus so I'd think the best strategy would be to reduce Pegasus' ability to maneuver its massive self to utilize its weaponry. I was thinking Adama would keep the nukes on standby and only use them if things went to utter crapola. Does Pegasus have rear armament or defenses that could take a full broadside from Galactica at close range? That was my thinking...

I'm interested in how someone would fill in the rest of what I started!
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