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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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You can't fire an entire team, though.
No, but you can fire the guy who's systematically turned it from a pennant contender to an utter joke over the past several years.

Manuel's basically blameless for this year and last, given the shitstorm rosters he's been given. Ben fuckin' Revere and Michael Young are not exactly valuable pieces, and the Phillies' roster and farm system are so brutal that they're an 85 - 90-loss team for probably the next two years at least -- they need a shortstop, third baseman, first baseman, center fielder, right fielder, catcher, two starters and three bullpen arms, essentially.

I love the criticisms that Manuel didn't create enough of a "clubhouse presence." How is that determined? Number of pizzas ordered? Talking in the third person? Expensive contracts? And Rube couldn't even sack up and actually call it a firing. Just shameful.

Most galling is that tonight was the night the Phillies were going to honor Manuel for winning his 1,000th game as the team's manager. Instead, nope, clean out your office. In the words of Star-Kist ... sorry, Charlie.

Edit: Fun fact: Chip Kelly has not coached a regular-season game in the NFL and is already the second-longest-tenured head coach in Philadelphia.
The Phillies are the NL Yankees - aging players with bloated, long term contracts and a depleted farm system.

I don't see the rationale for canning Manuel with weeks left in a lost season. The guy has had a bunch of good years there with a title thrown in. Unless this is an on the job audition for Sandberg, they could have just waited until the day after the season to wack him.
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