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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Doctor Pyg and Toad... they're... okay. Definitely did not expect to see such a recent addition to the rogues gallery introduced - but I'm not super crazy about them.
Yeah, they weren't all that impressive. So far I think Magpie is the most interesting villain they've featured so far, though I'm curious to see more of Lady Shiva (and yes, I know we technically haven't seen her at all yet, beyond one publicity photo).

Katana's slow build up to having a super ID of her own is actually rather refreshing. I was worried that she'd be introduced in Episode 1 and already by Episode 2 would have a costume and start calling herself Katana.
She is already called Katana; Silver Monkey referred to her by that name. I suppose it's the name she used as a member of the League of Assassins.

I know it's almost blasphemy but I wasn't super impressed with BTAS when it first started out, took me most of that first season to really get into it. Keep in mind, when it came out Batman Returns had just come out and really until then the only animated Batman we had was Superfriends and a few random appearances. And really even at that time, the Batman most people knew was the Adam West and Burt Ward Batman.
I wasn't initially impressed with the character designs in the advance publicity I saw for B:TAS, since they looked way too cartoony and caricatured. But I was won over right away when I saw the first episode or two and saw how well they worked in motion and with shading to give them dimension. As for the writing, it took a while to get to be on a par with the art. Well, at least in production order. There's a reason they ran "Heart of Ice" and "Joker's Favor" very early in the broadcast order.
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