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Re: Robert e Howard,Edgar rice Burroughs & H.P.lovecraft comics & book

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I think the whole forgotten environment/horrific beasties thing was still done fairly recently by PJ's Kong .

The Mountains of Madness novella isn't much like King Kong or Prometheus, to be honest.
My bad, got mixed up there. Haven't read Mountains, but it was The Call of Cthulhu which reminded me of Kong.... [/QUOTE]

While watching a very stylish film:
I began to wonder what it would take to bring HPL's creation to life...

I understand that Mr. Joshi is a consultant for Del Toro's possible movie At the Mountains of Madness. The talk is that Prometheus may have stalled the production.

It may be better for him to focus on a new write for Call of Cthulhu itself.

Here are some possible suggestions.

We see in the 2005 King Kong what would have been perfect footage of R'lyeh, as was the island rising from the sea we saw in Superman Returns. Freak waves, enormous sinkholes and other examples of chilling topology are perhaps best filmed as introductions to a modern voyage of the ship ALERT II, perhaps investigating this or similar sounds:

I have heard it said that there actually was an island ( perhaps a natural gas blow out in the ocean that was circled by Navy ships for a time. This may have been a release by methane hydrates clathrates, so this is topical with regard to rising sea levels.

A tie in to the previous ship ALERT (From Call of Cthulhu) would allow for a sense of dread to build, as the story moves back in time.

In this vision Cthulhu would not actually emerge from the large door, instead just the vapors. That or the Dread One would not be depicted on screen immediately. Children are rather jaded today. The action figure of the creature in ALIEN was considered too scary, but now kids might find an octopus headed, winged figure like something from Power Rangers.

Instead, you would focus on vapors causing natural disasters following ley lines. HPL found his entities embodiments of cosmic principles. As it turns out, there actually was a tentacled horror that descended from the skies in March 18 1925, around the time the original ALERT was to have made its voyage:

Many tornadoes have horizontal vortices after all, like the monster which struck Alabama in 2011:!!

Sea Monster described

Having these things dangle with a pale eye visible to a character would give a hint of Cthulhu, although appearing more like Ithaqua, the wind walker.

The idea of the film is that HPLs Call of Cthulhu was itself an inspiration given to HPL when Tri-state was striking, after actually being summoned. The devastation caused by freak waves and storms are needed to slay enough people so that a true physical manifestation can be allowed.

The movie ends in scene almost from "The Road."

But here, the short story that would introduce the Dread One at last would actually be more faithful to this tale:

Here the main character looks at a distant reef that is being revealed as huge tides pull the sea from the shore:

"I saw that the reef was but the black basalt crown of a shocking eikon whose monstrous forehead now shown in the dim moonlight and whose vile hooves must paw the hellish ooze miles below, I shrieked and shrieked lest the hidden face rise above the waters, and lest the hidden eyes look at me after the slinking away of that leering and treacherous yellow moon...And to escape this relentless thing I plunged gladly and unhesitantly into the stinking shallows where amidst weedy walls and sunken streets fat sea-worms feast upon the world's dead."

This is how the movie ends, with the reveal right before the final credits, as a more human head with tentacles right below the eyes in the distance is revealed in an almost hyperreal fashion:

Roll credits.

This is the only way the dread one can be shown without it devolving into camp, a kaiju film, or the octupus villain of the week out of mighty morphin Power rangers.
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