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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

Mr Light wrote: View Post
I think a large problem I have with this show is how the drug making is shown so inconsistently. It feels like he only does the drug thing every four episodes or so and the rest is just his personal life. But is that really enough to create a constant supply? It seems like a part time hobby he only does inconsistently.
The show is not happening in real time; the first four seasons take place over only one year of Walt's life. He goes and cooks as his day job, if you will, and then we spend the other three episodes seeing the fallout on nights and weekends, as it were. It would be easier to clarify why this matters if you were okay with spoilers, but trust us.

Again -- the whole point of the show is to examine a certain kind of character arc. The meth is not the point. What the meth does to Walt's life is the point. If you're watching this show with the idea that it's a procedural like Dexter or CSI or Star Trek or something, were certain reliable things happen each week aboard the Drugship Metherprise it's not. It's a single, five-year-long movie that happens to be chopped into 50-some-odd episodes.
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