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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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A spinoff, by definition, is more of the same. Only the names and faces are different.
Are you really saying that TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT were all the same as TOS and had the same kind of characters?
Only half-hearted cosmetic change is permitted, so as not to offend fans of the original. Unfortunately, by the time you get to your third or fourth spinoff, fans of the original are bored out of their minds.
I have to disagree with this, because if it was the case then people would still be bored with Trek and Star Trek XI would have been a flop and there wouldn't have been an even more successful Star Trek XII.
A reboot, at least, makes some effort to shake out the cobwebs and get the engine revving again.
The same thing happens with every new Trek series. But what sustains the commercial popularity of any TV show depends on a number of factors from its writing, to its acting, to its overall appeal, to even its timing (being made at the right time).
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Enterprise struggled because it wasn't very good. It started out with twelve-million viewers and was at less than two million a week when the series ended.
Can't disagree with the viewing figures which is a shame as I thought it got better in the 3rd, 4th series. DS9 & Voyager also took a few seasons to really get going.

Les Moonves said the fourth season nosedived in the ratings because it was "hip deep in canon".

Eh, I have my doubts he actually said that.
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