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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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They had just done three series that had Klingon characters and many, many stories dealing with Klingons and yet Enterprise felt the need to go to that well one more time.
They did deal with the Andorians (who hadn't been seen in TNG & DS9) and they introduced a new race called the Zindi, in addition to the Denoublans, the Suliban and the Na'khul. Mistakes aside, that was doing something new, even if people didn't like them.

anh165 wrote: View Post
Not only technobabble is a real turn off, the production values of Berman trek left much to be desired, no panache, nothing of distinction and things were not much better even on the big screen with Nemesis where production budgets were not as restraint. Compared to other TV shows and movies of the time, Trek was trounced.
According to you. And yet, most fans who hate the movies want the Bermangaverse back, technobabble included. If people can stand to hear legalese and very graphic medibabble on the CSI shows, House, ER, and Chicago Hope, then they can stand to hear technobabble that's (IMHO) only slightly removed from what most people deal with now in their jobs.

As for the supposedly crappy design; considering that said design is the standard used in Star Trek Online and is still the basis of most fan art of Deviant Art, I'd say that your assertion's been disproved.

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