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No camera, so no pix, but late Thursday night (around midnight) a friend came by for a few minutes and I had the door open. I went over to the friend's apartment in the complex (yes, I closed the door).

When I got back home, my cat was near the computer, looking at another cat in the room! It appeared to be a 2 or 3 month kitten, who was huddled against a stuffed toy that I sometimes sprinkle catnip on.

What surprised me was they were just staring, trying to figure each other out. My Cleo wasn't growling or bristling or anything. But to be safe, I put her in the bathroom and then carried the kitten out.

Cleo spent the next hour near that spot, probably checking the scent. She didn't seem to relax about it until a few hours later when she might have forgotten about it.
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