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Re: So Bajor made one of it's moons uninhabitable for some energy

I don't think industrial replicators will solve the fundamental problem presented in the episode, which is power. Those thousands of Bajorians needed power to survive the winter. Replicators won't really do much if there's no way of powering them. With that said, I think the Federation gives out food replicators often for humanitarian needs. However they limit industrial replicators because you could replicate explosives and weapons with them.

With that said, I still stick by the opinion that the moon's atmosphere is not polluted beyond habitability with the drilling process. The area chosen to drill was probably the most accessible, and easy to obtain geothermal power from. From the description of what would happen, it sounds like it's going to be similar to a volcano eruption. You don't want to be near by, but it's likely not going to destroy the entire moon's habitat.
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