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Re: Europa moon Lander mission - science

That was from a Coast to Coast AM guest, who frankly got his figures wrong.

Zimmerman out and out lied on that show. The worst case cost was 1.4 billion,(not 14 b) similar to a Golden Spike moon mission with existing rockets--which can't do high volume hydrogen supply missions the way SLS can. Its costs are similar to Delta IV with more payload than Falcon heavy--which does not have the volumetric efficency to hold liquid hydrogen--in that its payload shroud is no better than those on EELVs.

Moreover, the Falcon heavy will not take 40-53 tons to LEO if it is made recoverable.

To land cores Grasshopper style--that will significantly eat into the payload. And you might not be able to recover that center core at all.

And right now, Musk seems to be more taken with the hyperloop than MCT.

Hyperloop BTW is an amusement park ride masquerading as public transportation:

Now there is a problem with this--earthquake country. With light rail, you may be able to stop if an earthquake's P wave is detected. The rail cars are slow enough to (perhaps) stop before the more damaging S wave arrives--but that is as far as seismic prediction may ever go.

Therefore the faster the train, the less time you have to adjust.
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