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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

For what it's worth, The Making of Star Trek reproduces a Roddenberry memo to Matt Jefferies (on page 167):

To: Matt Jefferies
Date: December 12, 1966
From: Gene Roddenberry

Dear Matt:

Would like to see a greater use of symbols, some design of significant form and color, used to identify and tie together the particular planet cultures, alien vessels, other Earth vessels, organizations, etc.

As always, would appreciate you coordinating with costume, property, etc.

A handy example: In "Return of the Archons," the law-givers and the Society of Landru could have been characterized by a symbol, say an unusual triangle-circle, which could have then given us unity by allowing it to appear on their rugs, possibly on their staffs, certainly on the walls of Landru's palace. As we discovered in the past, this trick has a way of unifying things, gives it a sense of greater reality, gives the director things to play to, and furnishes guide posts for the audience. For example, an upcoming one is the other vessel in "Space Seed." Can we do anything here?

Gene Roddenberry

So I think it's very likely that Roddenberry had this particular "unusual triangle-circle used to identify and tie together a particular planet's culture" bee in his bonnet for a couple of years before it finally got realized in "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" It's likely that the design of the IDIC piece was a shared, team effort between Roddenberry and Bill Theiss.
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