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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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If CBS okayed the book, then the book is okay..
As far as ownership of the images goes, Jacobs Brown Press has argued that they are in the public domain, not the property of CBS. Assuming this is true. . .
That is their assertion. Just because someone says it is, doesn't mean a court would agree. There might be case law on restored discarded/stolen photographic images, but I'm unaware.

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It seems very likely that the author had little or nothing to do with the pictures used to illustrate his text.
What makes it seem very likely? Authors often have little control over covers (marketing) but since the authors know their text and where pictures could/should help, they usually have quite a bit of input as to illustrations. In a book proposal to publishers, that is one thing publishers want to know is how many pics will be needed, since licensing them is a cost. It seems unlikely that some publisher would have known more about these obscure Trek trims than the very-knowledgable authors in question.
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