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Help with an idea

Got a new idea here, and was wondering if anyone can give me their opinion on it. For a while now I've wanted to write a fic featuring Colonel Green and the post-atomic horror, but I've also been interested in exploring the character of Admiral Marcus from STID, and how he became involved in Section 31, and this is what I've come up with: Some time before STID (Not sure how long yet), Marcus falls asleep on his ship and wakes up having somehow traveled back in time to Earth after WW3, in an America in the midst of inter-state war launched by Green. Marcus is captured by Green's soldiers, imprisoned and tortured, experiencing the horrors of Green's regime firsthand. He's then thrown through time again, further back in the past to around our present, where he encounters Green's parents, when Green himself is just a baby. Knowing full well what will happen if Green reaches adulthood, and having buried his feelings of compassion toward those who are as yet innocent, he kills them. And that's when it's revealed that Marcus hasn't traveled in time at all; it's an elaborate trick by Section 31, designed to find out if he's capable of eliminating potential threats before they have an opportunity to cause trouble. He accepts their offer to join them. Please, please let me know if this could work at all. Thank you.
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