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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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My enthusiasm for this book has been severely dampened by the fact the author poached photos online. What does the publisher say about this? ultimately that would be their responsibility for clearances and liability, right?
It seems very likely that the author had little or nothing to do with the pictures used to illustrate his text. Don't know for sure, but I'd wager money on it. Too bad there's no email link on his home page so I could ask him.

I have to agree with other posters who are reading it. It's a pretty amazing book. It's NOT about the pictures; they could all be stripped out and it would still be an amazing book (if a little text-heavy). The amount of new information is startling.

The publisher would be smart to figure out some way of dealing with the picture issues, because they've managed to alienate a big chunk of the natural audience for this book. And there can't be that many people willing to shell out $120 for a three-volume, 1500-page "biography" of Star Trek.
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