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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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I still cry a bit inside when I see pictures like this. Oh, the lighting and the beautiful hair....her eyes, her expression....

Is that from "Resistance", in the scene where she seduces a guy by pretending to be a hooker? Yeah, that was a nice moment....
A brief clip of Joel Grey talking about his death scene with Kate...

It can be found at 10:48 (Loved watching Levar Burton, just before, auction Gates' communicator from First Contact to raise money for her LA not for profit theater.)

Okay... 85 TOSers have looked at this question on their board about the above convention video and no one has answered, so I'll ask it here.

And now a question for the quintessential Masculine Trek Captain, and his Feminine Trek Captain counterpart...

if they served TOGETHER... which one would be Captain and which one would be the First Officer???
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