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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

There are a lot of errors that really should have been caught in the editing stage. Whoever copyedited this thing didn't do the best job. I did find an error regarding the music, where he states City on the Edge of Forever had no original music other than "Goodnight Sweetheart" but Operation--Annihilate! had a partial score written. Whoops. A few character names are misspelled and so on. And no, CBS did not approve this book. If they did, the words "Star Trek" would be prominently in the title.

However, the stuff that's being uncovered is eye-opening and invaluable. The comments in the review address the photo issue and it boils down to one party's word against another. Also, at least one picture was credited to (I haven't looked for more). It's a shame this issue exists, since those of you deciding to not get this book would otherwise really enjoy it, I think. Hopefully it'll get worked out and possibly credits will be added to the next printing or volume.
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