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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

Okay, I finished Season Two. That ended on such a bizarre out of left field WTF ending. All of a sudden we find out Q is an air traffic controller and he makes two planes collide right over Walt's house?! What the hell was that?! Did people enjoy this twist?! It's particularly weird after the ominous season long buildup of shots of a bear in a pool (so weird).

That said, it is pretty messed up that Walt is indirectly responsible for an airline crash because he stood by and let the Bitch in Apartment 23 die

I wish he had just told Skyler what he was doing at the end because like I said it's painful how long this is being drawn out. Then again, she's so nasty to him she would probably rat him out to the cops.

OK I watched the first ten minutes of S3 and once again we start with a bizarre moment. A bunch of people crawling through a desert on their knees to get to a shrine and identical twin drug dealers

I think a large problem I have with this show is how the drug making is shown so inconsistently. It feels like he only does the drug thing every four episodes or so and the rest is just his personal life. But is that really enough to create a constant supply? It seems like a part time hobby he only does inconsistently.
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