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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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It happened on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE too - while the show was still on CBS.
I don't recall any such instances. Sure, the sixth-season "Invasion" was pretty similar to the first-season "Operation Rogosh," but they weren't identical and they had different writing credits.
Okay, I'll concede that one. My statement came from an interpretation of a paragraph in THE COMPLETE MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE DOSSIER by Patrick J. White, wherein Mr White writes in the notes for the seventh season episode, "Two Thousand" (emphasis mine):

"Two Thousand" is fresh, audacious, and outrageous--unless of course you've already seen episode 4, "Operation Rogosh." This show is simply a more expensive-looking remake of the earlier classic. Just like in "Rogosh," there are futuristic dates inscribed in Collin's cell walls, and Barney repeats the Carribean prisoner character he originated six years earlier.
After reading that, you can understand why I thought it was a direct remake of the same script, yet the writers credits are different. So my apologies for my incorrect assumptions.

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You have to admit that the same continuing show remaking one of its own scripts after only five years is a rather different situation. I've seen a number of shows with unbroken runs longer than five years, but I can't think of any other instance of the same show shooting the same script twice.
I also have a feeling - and no proof - that there may have been episodes of BEWITCHED with recycled scripts and different Darrens. A BEWITCHED expert could probably confirm or deny that.

As for the MANNIX recycle, the producers probably figured that the show was different enough - in season one, Mannix worked for Intertect and in all other seasons he was out on his own - that only diehard fans would remember the script.

One of the reasons MANNIX was finally canceled after eight seasons was that Paramount wanted to sell it into syndication so that ABC could run it in late-nights. In those days, syndications didn't start until the series was finished its prime time network run - a situation that would soon change.

So, the thought process was probably that no-one would recall that earlier version of the same script. And season one was never offered in syndication.

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