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Re: Does JJ Abrams Star Trek have any heroines?

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Uhura was the one out of the entire crew who beamed down to the garbage scow with phaser in hand and both saved Spock and took down Khan.

If Uhura had taken Khan down herself it would have been different but if you look at that scene you say Spock took Khan down with help from Uhura.
Uhura needs to be awesome on her own to be a heroine IMO.

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I seem to view uhura on a more or less bias level, however I don't agree with all the hate she has gotten. many male fans hate her because she has taken Bones place and many female fans hate her because she is interfering with slash fan fiction.

But is Uhura really a heroine?

sure uhura helps in Khan been taken out but would Uhura have gone done to help Spock if he was not her boyfriend in danger?
Is there that much hate for Uhura out there?

I think Uhura beamed down because she knew the situation not just to help Spock.

Sadly there is much hate for her. I don't think the hate is fair at all, however some of the hate seems harmless and done in good fun others seem just to way over the top.

I love how you say Uhura's needs to stand on her own, the Klingon scene was a good start but that was all she got.
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