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Re: Constellation Class: Excelsior "back-up" plan?

This idea was used in one of the fan pubs "Ships of the Star Fleet" or "Star Fleet Prototype", my memory fails me.

I recall the background story was about Star Fleet's next great starship design after the Constitution class.

It was to be the Excelsior, all new untested tech for a new starship design or the Constellation--improved and better starship using proven familiar tech.

Evidently similar mission profiles and so on, but yeah... Excelsior and Constellation as contemporary designs, each vying to be the great follow-up to the Constitution class.

(I don't know how the transwarp drive factored into these plans.)

It's an interesting idea, I like the history it establishes.
And it doesn't seem to be a win or lose competition since we later see many examples of both classes in service.

We generally see many more Excelsiors in TNG era. Maybe the Constellations become more popular at the start, just after TMP era. The Excelsiors got a delayed production after working out the new tech problems?

By the TNG era, most Constellations have already run out their service lives, we see fewer of them. The Excelsiors got a later start, so we see more of them still around in TNG. Maybe?
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