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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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I'd watch it religiously.
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Why do people never put "I don't know" as an answer for these polls?
Quite. Once upon a time I'd have said religiously, but Enterprise allowed me to break free. Part of me enjoys the freedom.
I did stop watching ENT a little more than half-way during its second season (first time I ever walked away from a Trek series). I kept tabs on it from this site and others, and came back for the fourth season.

I do think ENT was a result of creator fatigue and interference from network/studio execs. I tend to think had the show had a fifth season, it would have become even better.
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I think it was to pad out dialogue.

I remember seeing some early script drafts from either TNG or VOY in which writers would write dialogue that would features parts referred to simply as [TECH] that would be later filled in with technobabble by someone else.
No point in creating your own, if it disagreed with established jargon, the fans would only pick it apart. Let someone else do it, the someone else gets the blame
I think it had more to do with the writers not really being technobabble experts, but using [TECH] as a placeholder for some device or whatever our heroes would need to get the job done. It may have been the show's technical consultant(s) who had to invent something "future tech-sounding" to fill in that blank in a script.
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