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Re: Does JJ Abrams Star Trek have any heroines?

I seem to view uhura on a more or less bias level, however I don't agree with all the hate she has gotten. many male fans hate her because she has taken Bones place and many female fans hate her because she is interfering with slash fan fiction.

But is Uhura really a heroine?

sure uhura helps in Khan been taken out but would Uhura have gone done to help Spock if he was not her boyfriend in danger?

Amanda was a strong woman. she at least could put up with a full blooded Vulcan, I just wished they had not deleted the scene from the 09 film where she tells Sarek that humans leave their partners when they get disgusted with them.

Carol Marcus had and still has potential but the strip scene overshadowed her character.

As for Galia...oh well.
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