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Re: The STAR TREK Movies, As Ranked By STAR TREK Con-Goers

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Here's the thing. "Trekkies United Against the New Star Trek!" makes a much better headline than "Wide Range of Opinions Exist Regarding Latest Trek Film," so naturally the media is jumping all over it. They're just trying to gin up controversy and make it sound like there's some huge backlash or uprising . . . because that makes a sexier story.

There are currently 374 Trekkies online on this board right now. That's over three times more than voted in that silly poll. So why is anyone paying attention to it?
Yes it was obvious from the start that the author of the original article was looking for an attention grabbing headline, and managed to round up the right people at the convention. "Trekkies think new movie is the worst Trek movie" was the best choice for that by far. The next best would have been "Trekkie think it's the best movie", though that would have been a distant second. "Trekkies think STiD is the 3rd best movie or 8th best movie" wouldn't have generated any attention.

Isn't this the same guy who included the "Abrams may quit the new Star Wars movie" tidbit in the middle of an article? He knew full well that would generate a lot of attention.
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