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Episode #12 "FOOL ME ONCE"

Its like 3 am... and if Fig is to be believed, its about 2 weeks after Tricia's hanging, Larry's radio program about Piper and of course, the lovers cellphone breakup.

Piper is making her way through the corridors to the bathroom, mop & bucket at the ready. Its quiet and due to curfew she doesn't expect to find anyone in the bathroom... so naturally we are surprised to find Suzanne mopping her way through cell block E's "facilities".

Piper: Did you get in trouble too?

That's kind of a rude assumption to make, considering we all know that Suzanne's usual job at the prison is janitorial.

Suzanne quickly sets her straight.

Suzanne: Sometimes the feelings inside me get messy like dirt. And I like to clean things. Pretend the dirt is the feelings. This floor is my mind. THAT is called "coping".

Piper tries to apologize for what Larry said on the radio, then tries to minimize what he said, and finally tries to excuse them by claiming that she told Larry those things before she knew who Suzanne truly was.

Crazy Eyes is having nothing to do with this "apology".

Suzanne: Its okay Dandelion, you know why? I used to spend a lot of time thinking HOW I could make you love me. (What an interesting list) Like... if I had long pretty hair, or if I made you a chocolate cake with frosting, or... If I had a green bicycle.
Piper: No... you are great the way you are.
Suzanne: I KNOW. Because, the answer is, you are not a nice person....

Piper: (After the quiet tirade ends) I'm not mean. (Oh really Piper, care to rethink that comment?) ...I didn't mean, to be mean, to you.
Suzanne: (Is she still talking about mopping the floor clean... or scouring Piper's soul clean?) You've got to start from the inside out, or else you'll step on the clean.

When Piper finally leaves her bathroom job, she runs into a familiar face.

Piper: (To Alex) Look at you... waking up for "crack of dawn I Told You So." That's dedication.
Alex: I have to pee. But as long as I'm here, how's that "spontaneous confession" treating you?
Piper: Shittier than I thought... which is impressive considering I'm literally scrubbing toilets.
Alex: You are sucking all the joy out of my gloat.

After two weeks, Alex finally corners Piper on what happened with "the fiancÚ".

Piper: I accused him of feeding on my misfortune with the sensitivity of a vampire squid (Is there really such a thing?) and he (Piper points briefly at Alex) accused me of betraying him in a disgusting but totally predictable manner. So... we're in a good place.

(Alex sighs... she plays "sympathetic friend oh so well, when she wants to)

Alex: I'm sorry Pipes.

(Oh, what a good opening for the woman torn between two lovers.)

Piper: And that was before he told me that his father, AKA my lawyer, (she glances away briefly) looked at the records and found out that it was you who ratted me out to the Feds.


Remember this scene, from episode 3?

Alex: (Looks stunned at Piper's calm revelation) Fuck.
Piper: Don't worry about it. I mean, fool me once... right?
Alex: Okay, listen, (Looks down to gather her argument)
Piper: Alex! I'm over it. (Alex looks into her eyes) Really. Its fine.

Piper surprises the drug dealer by moving in to leave a quick peck on Alex's cheek, then walking quietly away.

One wonders where Piper's attitude comes from at this point. Was it partially due to the dressing down she just received from Suzanne at the beginning of her shift, or as Alex is already suspecting while Piper walks away, is it due to the fact Larry jettisoned his fiancÚ and Piper is so lonely she'll now accept a previously unacceptable idea.

That her lover has betrayed her.
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