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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

At this point the Braves are actively trolling the Nationals. Bryce gets pegged twice tonight and J-Up walks off. Ray Knight was about to lose his mind during the post game show on "Nats X-tra." He wants retribution and he wants Justin Upton's head on a platter. He also calls the Braves fans classless for applauding the beaning of Bryce. I'm sure the Nationals faithful would be disgusted if Upton were to take a fastball between the shoulder blades.

People ask me how the Nationals win 98 some games last year and then play around .500 baseball this year. I have no answer. Davey Johnson was handed the keys to a Lexus only to leave it crashed and burning in a ditch. Blows my mind. It is the same damn team as last year.
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