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Re: Dumping Cable & Getting a Roku - Advice Needed

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I just heard about and purchased a Chromecast from Google. The reviews of the internet video streaming capabilities are mixed, but at $35 its worth a shot.
I like the idea of the Chromecast, especially due to it's simplicity, but I would prefer something like the Roku designed by Google (which essentially would be an AppleTV). The ability to "fling" video instantly, play youtube videos, surf the web on your TV, use the phone as a remote, all seemlessly. All current options out there are limited (including Twonky or PlayOn on the Roku, AppleTV as mentioned, etc). I have faith that something will come along some day.

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So the only real issue is news. At this point, the only actual "TV" I watch anymore is either msnbc or CNN.
That depends, do you want the news, or do you want what MSNBC and CNN call the news? I get my news from Google News, which aggregates various news sources, and includes broadcast clips from the major networks that post them online. I don't need political panels or talkshows.
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