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Re: Print-on-demand retrospective TOS book forthcoming

Indeed. Any positive feelings I had about this release are fading rapidly.

Gurian's arguments on the Amazon page strike me as rather specious. Because someone had to further alter the photos so they could be reproduced in black and white, this somehow nullifies the restoration work of Star Trek History, birdofthegalaxy, and others initially done to the photos? Not to mention his bizarre claim that in some cases it took "in excess of an hour" in the case of some images to prepare them for inclusion in the book. I don't know who is being paid to do this restoration work, but that doesn't strike me as the completion time of a professional.

EDIT: Never mind the fact that most of the Amazon reviewers have never posted another review before, and at least one is in charge of what appears to be a website with links to the author.
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