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I agree that Aaryn will go far. No one's going after her right now. And I think the reason she won't nominate GinaMarie this week (or possibly ever) is that she sees GM as her one guaranteed jury vote in the end. She's even said this. She wants GM gone and is annoyed by her, but doesn't want to be the one to piss her off.

I haven't been watching feeds for the past week, I just haven't felt any motivation to watch the remaining houseguests. But if I had to guess, I would say that Amanda and McCrae want Helen out this week. And Amanda has controlled every other HOH, so why would this one be any different? Unless Helen wins veto, I think she might be going home.

The evicted houseguests will compete to come back in the house. It will be between Candice, Judd, Jessie, and whoever leaves this week. I'm sure you can guess that I'm rooting for Judd, but at this point I'm not really caring about the end of the season much. Though, if Helen does leave and Judd comes back in, he might have a fighting chance, because Andy, McCrae, Aaryn, and Spencer all had good relationships with him. It was really Amanda and Helen that wanted him gone so badly, with Elissa tagging along (she doesn't seem to do much thinking for herself). Aaryn, Andy, GM, and even Elissa must be realizing that Amanda needs to go very soon. And Spencer has always wanted her gone.

The thing about Helen is that she is extremely patronizing and smugly chipper. She acts like she is the "sweet mom," but she consistently talks negatively about her own alliance members. She doesn't outright insult them, but makes the back-handed comments and belittles them to others. And, similarly to Amanda, when she gets it into her head that she doesn't like someone, she is relentless at making sure everyone knows how terrible they are and how they need to go home now. That's what she did to Judd. She was so nice to him but really seemed to hate him in the days before he left.

But who knows. Maybe these people are all really sheep and think they can somehow make it to the end with Amanda. And maybe Judd won't come back.
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