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Re: BABYLON 5 - First time watching series

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I'm not condoning the parents' actions, but I'm not comfortable assuming that my beliefs should somehow take precedence over others' either. Moral superiority is a very dangerous place to go.
Sinclair had a good point about staying neutral through the whole thing. I'm assuming he always has to listen to everyone when it comes to these matters. The station seems much more of a community, than an Earth Alliance space station commanded by an Earth commander.

I thought Franklin's behavior wasn't exactly stellar either. I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd had his license revoked for what he did here.
Franklin's level of insubordination was crazy. He really should have just followed his orders, instead of going behind Sinclair's back and against the parents wishes.

Ah, screw it. I would have liked it if instead of the parents killing the kid, the kid killed himself instead.
I was actually expecting that to happen. The kid already looked dead the moment he was leaving with his parents. I can't believe that they didn't suspect the boy was still in any danger after all that, they should have gone all the way put him in an orphanage for his own safety or something.
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