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Re: V'Ger origins: Borg or not?

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V'ger is not the precursor to The Borg. Roddenberry didn't create The Borg.

Now The Cybermen as the precursor to the Borg. Yeah.

As a matter of fact I'm not sure how Star Trek was never sued by the BBC for the copyright infringement. The Borg and the Cybermen are too close!
The idea of cybernetic beings did not originate with Doctor Who. You can actually trace their earliest (known) appearances in science-fiction stories as far back as the late 19th-Century.
Yes, but when did the idea of cybernetic beings assimilating non-cybernetic beings first appear?
The earliest known appearance I can think of was in "The Jameson Satellite," which appeared in a 1931 issue of Amazing Stories. The story featured a race of cybernetic beings called the Zoromes, comprised of members assimilated from many different worlds. Unlike the Cybermen and the Borg, the Zoromes were benevolent explorers, but they believed in cybernetic assimilation as a means of improving and expanding their species across the universe.

You could say that Doctor Who took the concept of the Zoromes and created an evil version of them in the form of the Cybermen.
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