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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Granted, part of the problem with that INSURRECTION screening was merely scheduling. I simply couldn't coordinate things with the usual gang of Trekkies, but the fact that everybody was too busy to get together on opening night probably says something. As opposed to those halcyon days when the opening of a new Trek movie was an Event that nobody wanted to miss!

Or maybe we were all just getting too middle-aged?
I can relate to this.

Our club (before my time) attended a huge costumed gala premiere for TMP in Sydney. Fans still talk about it today. A similar event was held for ST II and I helped organise the gala events for ST III and IV. ST V was a much scaled-down event; Paramount barely cared. I saw a preview for ST VI in Paramount's theatrette but was overseas for the Sydney premiere night, but it was "small potatoes". "Generations"' fan event was held in a suburban multiplex, "First Contact" a bit closer to the gala events of old, but "Insurrection" was merely a collection of interested friends (and no one in costume). An enjoyable night, but I was bemused to notice a few friends refusing to buy "Insurrection" on DVD when it came out; I hadn't realised they had found it so offensive on opening night. "Nemesis" was a workmate and me, in a local suburban cinema on opening night, and very few other attendees.

What has been wonderful about the JJ films has been Paramount taking on giant red carpet gala openings - the Sydney Opera House world premiere in 2009, and an amazing recreation of the brig, corridors and observation deck for "Into Darkness" - injecting sufficient enthusiasm and marketing $$$$ to get publicity.
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