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Re: What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

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(I was agreeing with you)

JirinPanthosa wrote:
Why do they call it fan fiction anyway? That implies that the canonical material is non-fiction.
Not at all. Fan fiction is just a story based off an already established property written by fans mainly for their own personal enjoyment. Fan fiction can vary widely in quality from a level ready for major book publishing to a level that's really unreadable.
Is there really a big difference between fan material and canonical material, I mean, other than budget and average quality level? They're both equally 'fictitious', they're both equally just some person's interpretation of the same universe.
I think a negative connotation some people may have with fanfics is that some can indeed be extremely self-indulgent, incorporating things just the author wants to see with little or no restraint (the most famous were TOS fanfics--or slash--that were mostly about Kirk and Spock as lovers, frequently having very graphic sex with one another; other types of fanfics tend to go overboard with the technology, featuring over-the-top starships with over-the-top weaponry and other systems; and the term "Mary Sue" was used a lot to describe a fanfic character that outshined the established characters).

Of course, not all fanfics are like this. Some keep well within the spirit of the original source material and could easily stand beside works by professional authors.
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