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Re: BABYLON 5 - First time watching series

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The Human-Minbari enmity was covered more in the Gathering pilot, I guess it is a little absent in these eps...
The Human-Minbari enmity should really be much more important in the first season. The two groups of people should nearly always be at each others throats. I think it would have been more realistic if Sinclair had started the season as someone who hated Minbaris because of his time in the war, but put that aside to work at peace. Maybe have his friendship with Delenn develop along the way.

At this point the so called huge war between humans and Minbari didn't leave much of an impact. It feels like it took place 50 years ago instead of 10.

Look at G'Kar and Londo's treatment of each other. It actually feels more real because of how much G'Kar resents Londo's people for invading Narn world(s) in the past.

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Believers irks me a great deal.
Is it right for parents to refuse life saving surgical treatment for their child because of their beliefs? I don't think so, but of course I'm only applying that to real life.

All the different alien races really complicate things. All four major ambassadors G'Kar, Londo, Delenn, and Kosh refused to get involved for different reasons. Sinclair also refused because of his policy.

But the parents killing the boy was unnecessary. They should have been charged with murder since the crime took place on the station. For some reason the parents aren't mentioned again after that scene which bugged me. I think the episode could have still worked if the boy had ended up as an outcast, and shunned by his race. The writing could have still saved the boy, but at a big price.

At least Sinclair had to balls to ask Shon whether he wanted to live or follow his faith and die. I think Sinclair would have allowed the surgery if the boy had wanted to live.

Janeway never cared about Tuvix's desire to live, and literally shoved Tuvix on the transporter screaming "You die now!". Tuvix was dead the moment he appeared on the transporter.

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