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Re: Away Team Log (Star Fleet Universe fiction compilation)

If I were to hazard a guess, perhaps ADB sees ATL as being equivalent to a single issue of Captain's Log, which has gone up to US$24.95 per 144-page volume as of CL45.

In terms of production, ADB are able to print their books on demand using their own print machines, with the exception of things like colour covers and countersheets (which have to be ordered in).

They are generally reluctant to undercut the cost of the print volume, lest they upset the distributors. (ADB's distribution network is set up to handle tabletop and RPG games, as opposed to the kind of novel-based channels used by Pocket Books.)

But yeah, there is a difference between the price point set for this volume, compared to what Star Fleet Journal #1 went for. (For The Glory of the Empire goes for 8-10 dollars US, but has a smaller paper size compared to ATL.)
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