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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

I always had access to the movies, but I'm also a relative newcomer to TNG and VOY. It'll take a while before I remember episode names and such. I know I've already introduced myself somewhere in this thread, but I haven't been back in a while, so why not just drop back in?

Are there enough replicator rations or this a Neelix special Delta blend coffee?

Favorite characters, well let's see...

There's no way like the Janeway, that's for sure.
Chuckles, although I haven't really seen him develop much yet. Yeah, there's the blend o' all Native American cultures, and that gets under my skin (we aren't _all_ Lakota!!), but it's not like he wrote it. Some of it is actually sound. I'd like to see what really makes him tick sometime.
Neelix and the Doctor, well of course.
And I hated Tom Paris at first, but he's that popular guy that you think won't have anything to do with you, only to find it he's trying to include you in the fun with everyone else.

And while I aspire to Janeway, I think I'm closer to B'Elanna. And Kes, we hardly knew ye.

I think Tuvok is the quintessential vulcan, and if he'd treated Neelix like crap in front of me like he has been, he'd get a punch in the jaw.

See? B'Elanna.
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