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Re: Starting Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS!)

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it's important for me that the "hero" does horrible things for a noble reason. Like in The Shield or Dexter.
Dexter does it for a noble reason? You could argue Dexter's a positive force in the universe but his reasons are certainly not noble. He doesn't kill murderers because he wants to save innocent people's lives, he does it cause he really likes killing people.

I liked Dexter for the first three seasons but I lost interest because I hated ghost Harry and Dexter seemed inept in season 4.

I think Breaking Bad is a great show. The show really changes its character after season 2, and takes on a new, more tense and exciting feel to it. Keeps getting better and better as it goes. But you may have issues if you had trouble with Tony Soprano as a protagonist.

I still like the same characters I liked in the beginning. But I don't look at fictional characters as people to try to identify with, I see them as interesting people who get themselves into interesting situations where they have interesting decisions with interesting consequences. And that certainly describes Breaking Bad.
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