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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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It happened on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE too - while the show was still on CBS.
I don't recall any such instances. Sure, the sixth-season "Invasion" was pretty similar to the first-season "Operation Rogosh," but they weren't identical and they had different writing credits.

They also recycled some scripts for the later ABC incarnation of the series - that was also due to a writers strike.
I didn't count that because it wasn't the same contiguous series, but a revival/sequel series fifteen years later. The only reason M:I was revived at all was because of the '88 writers' strike -- the networks feared they'd have no new content, so they revived the show as a way to reuse old scripts, intending to have new actors play the original characters. But the strike ended soon enough that they instead decided to bring back Peter Graves as Jim Phelps, rename the other characters so it'd be a sequel rather than a remake, rewrite the four reused scripts just a bit to modernize them, and do original scripts for the rest of the series.

You have to admit that the same continuing show remaking one of its own scripts after only five years is a rather different situation. I've seen a number of shows with unbroken runs longer than five years, but I can't think of any other instance of the same show shooting the same script twice.
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