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Re: John Christopher a Regular?

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No interested in seeing the Adventures of Captain Christopher in the 23rd Century.
I think it would have been interesting to have a character adjust to the 23rd century. That character could have been the mouth piece for his times and he could have spoken about overcoming the prejudices and the problems they had in the 60s while he adjusted to the 23rd century.

For example, TOS often had a bias against computers in their shows. At the time computers were new and people were fraid that computers would replace people. That sentiment is is expressed in quite a few episodes. What is strange is even the Trek Characters like Kirk and McCoy are leary of computers. It would have made more sense to have a character like Cpt. Christopher be the mouth of fear of computers than Kirk and McCoy.

That is just one example where I think a contemporary charcater like Christopher could have worked.
I don't think its a bias against computers. They use them everyday. They do seem to object to machines becoming "benevolent dictators". McCoy talks a good game but he's uses them almost as much as Spock.

Christopher would probably be amazed by 23rd Century computers. Many of their uses are behind the scene anyway.

TOS isn't an arc show. I doubt Christopher's fish out of water position would be used for anything more than a joke or two.
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