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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #3 The Dud Promotheus

Counselor Cassandra Julianna Corsinca did little to ponder on the oddity of that fanatical young lady that looked like her. Granted, she was lacking Vulcan ears, but her hair was shinier as a blonde than her own. She had believed that she can resolve any possible dispute or confusion regarding "her" behaviour by reporting that there was indeed another look-a-like on the station that wasn't a Vulcan.

She groaned at the lack of perception people were having in seeing that "girl". If Starfleet were to call her mental health in question, all she had to do was find the girl so that people can see the difference between the two if they were standing side by side. Twelve Starfleet personnel had stopped by her office over the past five hours looking oddly at her as if they had just seen her somewhere else. She deducted that they had not seen that girl up close enough to see that she did not have Vulcan ears, but the shinier blonde hair should have been a giveaway, which, apparently it wasn't in according to those twelve Starfleet personnel.

She entered the office of Commodore Prescott, bypassing the secretary that had paged her as she made her way into his office where a dispute was in progress.

"I'm not leaving until I get an answer," said the Klingon calmly as two members of Starfleet security flanked him on either side, "My crew and I have waited long enough for you guys to replace my ship. It is Starfleet's fault, and I want a ship, not some padd loaded with credits of latinum."

"Is this about the "Misfired Torpedo Incident", Commodore?" the station's Counselor inquired.

"Yes," groaned Commodore Prescott, "and I have tried to get legal to work out a request for a replacement, but Starfleet still insist on paying financial compensation in latinum so they can go somewhere else and buy a ship."

"We CANNOT haul that kind of payment around without getting mugged out of spacedock!!!" The Klingon Captain bellowed, "We have been hanging around here too long now that rumors already have been getting a few of my crew mugged for it."

Commodore Prescott was leaning on his desk, but now he stood straight up and asked, "Were those your Ferengiis that got attacked earlier today?"

"DUH!" The Klingon Captain snipped, "And their names are Kek and Jo-Jo!"

Sensing a very high tension in the room that was about to break forth into a physical fight, Counselor Corsinca walked over to the Commodore's desk and picked up the padd that was in front of him, discerning that it would be the one regarding this dispute. She glanced over the report how the Starship Yorktown was in for maintenance in orbit when the station's crew was testing the loading of the torpedo in the launching bay when it had somehow fired the torpedo that was loaded without any command from the bridge or from engineering. It had hit the Klingon Captain's ship in orbit and sent it spiralling toward the planet of Mars. It was the quick thinking of a low level Engineer, working in the transporter room off of another starship in maintenance that saved the lives of the crew on that doomed ship.

The Counselor saw that it was indeed a run down cargo freighter, patched together with some parts from Klingon and Bajoran space vessels. The Klingon Captain had been using it for supply runs for the native American Indians on Dorvan V between Earth.

She saw the rulings by Starfleet brass in the padd as citing the request to replace the vessel with one of their own simply a joke to ignore. She was disappointed in reading that, noting that Rear Admiral Keith Barone was behind it. Whenever he gives an "off the cuffs" ruling, the other admirals beneathe him, fall in line. The Counselor has come to see those beneathe his charge as nothing short, but a bunch of "yes" men in her eyes, including the Commodore in the room.

She walked over to the port window to look out into the Shipyard in orbit. She espied the prototype starship Promotheus class docked to the orbital spacestation she was on. She touched the padd to look up the current status of the Promotheus. The report still had it listed as "undetermined security risk" due to an incident where it had fallen into Romulan hands. Starfleet still did not know how it was done, and all further production of that type of vessel was halted because of it. She started to read the incident report of how an EMH from another Starship had joined with the EMH of the Promotheus in turning the tide on the Romulans to regain control of the ship, but she was distracted by the onslaught of insults being traded in the room between the Klingon Captain and Commodore Prescott. "One moment please, " the Counselor stated loud enough for them to hear, "I may have a solution." That ceased the exchange of hositilities for the moment.

The Commodore walked over to her beside the window to see what she was looking at on her padd. "No," he flatly stated as he walked back behind his desk. "I am using that for extra accomodations."

She was sensing that the Klingon Captain was getting ready to start getting more aggressive in his demand for a ship, and so she turned to face him and stated firmly to the Klingom, "Captain Rimko," she paused as she could see she had gotten his attention, "if you will permit me to work on your behalf, I may get you a ship, but please allow me time to win your case."

The Klingon saw the sincerity in the Vulcan Counselor's tone as she did say it in such a way that she would be more successful in getting what he wants sooner than he could get it. "Thank you, my lady," came the unusual cordial reply from the Klingon Captain, "I shall defer you to your efforts on my behalf."

"Thank you, " Cassandra had stated in her usual Vulcan fashion. And then the Klingon left the office in good spirits.

When the doors were closed, Commodore made a false assumptions and said,"Good thinking on your part. He was about to get hostile there. It is better to make him think we are in the process of getting him a ship rather than actually giving him one. He has to be out of his mind to think he deserves compensation on that order."

"Commodore," Cassandra replied, "I am being serious in meeting his demand."

"But you CAN'T," Commodore Prescott protested.

"I am fully aware of your good intentions of "hiding" away Starfleet personnel that has been on the Rear Admiral's radar, but you can always dock another starship in holding there to serve as extra accomodations for those sexually harrassed."

"You know about that?" the Commodore asked incredulously.

"Yes," the Counselor has stated flatly, "just as I also know that there is nothing I can do about it when they refuse to file formal charges," she paused, "but you can strip the Promotheus of classified Starfleet material and information and give them one of the three ships that make up the Promotheus to serve as a replacement for the Klingon's vessel."

The Commodore walked back over to the window and looked at what Starfleet had considered "the dud ship Promotheus", and moaned,"If only we could have found out how the Romulans had taken over the ship..." and he paused, looking at it fondly, "it is a good warship."

The Counselor commented, "Yes, but the inside is more of a luxury ship than a warship, " she looked at the Commodore and stated, "Holo-emitters on every deck and rooms? Just what was Starfleet thinking anyway?"

"For emergency medical assistance," the Commodore stated, "it would come in handy to have the EMH being able to get there before our official medical team could come."

"I suppose I can see the value of it if there was an isolated emergency on the starship, but when facing multiple injuries due to an external attack, they would need a holographic medical team for it to be efficiently used by any starship," Cassandra pointed out, "one EMH would hardly do the job."

The Commodore agreed as he looked at the dud ship Promotheus and concluded, "Very well. Give him one of the three ships and register it as the "Golgotha." It did serve well as a memorial place for the dead at the station."

"Yes," The Counselor agreed, "which was why it was a perfect accomodation for young females of Starfleet that wish their residences to be unknown to the Rear Admiral Barone on his occasional visit to the station," she paused, and then added, "I shall visit them altogether to see if strength in numbers may give them the courage to make formal charges against the Admiral," she turned to the Commodore, "then mayhap you would not need to switch them off to another ship in an unspecified holding period."

The Commodore shook his head and looked at his desk in defeat, "I have tried that already."

"Perhaps they will be more than willing to try if I exhorted them that it was their duty to hold the Admiral to the high standard of behaviour here at Starfleet," the Counselor stated.

The Commodore looked at the Counselor and commented, "Perhaps," he agreed, "you do seem to be so impressionable for a Vulcan."

"Pardon?" the Counselor inquired, raising an eyebrow.

The Commodore stammered, "It's just that you seem more personable.. approachable.. than most Vulcans I have encountered with. You do seem to come across more human in diplomatic manners and social etiquette than even the best of us here at Starfleet."

"There is no need to be insulting, Commodore," the Counselor conveyed, "I simply adapted human facial expressions to ease my patients into being free to express themselves to me. I will admit that it has become a habit now in my relations to others outside the counselling sessions, but my characterization is far from being labelled as "human"."

"You do perform very well as a diplomat," the Commodore tried once again to compliment her, hoping to forget his poor choice of words,"it does add to your credit in your acting skills in the station's annual plays."

"You exaggerate," she turned to leave the room.

"A standing ovations at the end of every play with your name being shouted for an encore is hardly.." the Commodore was stating louder, but the door slid shut behind her, causing his voice to trail off, "an exaggeration." Then he finally said what he had wanted to say all along, "I love you, Cassandra."

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