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Re: is babylon 5 season 5 worth watching

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^ Hmm. I've never really understood this idea that the Telepath arc - or any of S5, for that matter - is somehow 'a step down' in quality from what had come before, but, then again, I've also never understood the similar sentiment regarding Season 1, which I personally enjoyed just as much as the other seasons, at least overall.
I guess I looked at it as you had two epic storylines coming to an end in Season 4 with the Shadow War and the removal of Clark, so anything that came after that would run the risk of being disappointing.

As for Season 1, the more I've watched season 1, the more I like it, but maybe it's because I really did like Sinclair. His character arc was one of the most fascinating in the entire series.
I'm re-watching Babylon 5 for the first time in a decade. Just finished "A Distant Star" (2x04) and I have to say, I really loved the first season. Much preferred dark and broody Sinclair over cheery chappy Sheridan (although I obviously know he won't stay as cheery choppy ) it really is a wonderful show. some cheesey moments that date it here and there but the plots are generally strong and the characters just draw me in even when the plots are weak.

right... back to it....
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