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Reoccurring Trek Stories


So I watch a lot of Start Trek I mean a lot! So after many many years of watching everything, I've noticed that the same stories keep popping up. They start in TOS and go onward. They are:

The Time Travling Episode:

The crew goes back in time to fix something that has messed up their time and int he process they befriend a local who helps them. Hilarity insues when the charactors are put in a then current time back drop.

The Court Marshall Episode:

The main characters have to defend a one another from an attempt to destory the life or carrer of one of the crew members.

The Time Repeating Episode:

Two or more crew members get sucked into an anomly or other time looping causality and they have to figure out how to get out!

The Repentence Episode:

A person or memeber of a race that has wronged a crew member must face up to what they do and try to heal the damage done.

I alwas get a kick out of how the writers figure out how to re use these stories but change them up, most times it works...most times.

There are a bunch more but I'm drawing a blank, help me out here!

I know you guys have noticed this right?
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